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Semiconductor Equipment Fire Safety Solutions

KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety

Semiconductor Fire Safety

KFPI is recognized as the global leader in the field of semiconductor, solar, and FPD fire risk engineering, with over 40 years of industry experience. KFPI has a worldwide reputation for delivering specialized semiconductor manufacturing fire safety solutions. KFPI maintains teams of professional semiconductor fire safety technicians at strategic locations all over the globe. Our skilled technicians insure that KFPI fire safety systems are properly, designed, installed, certified, and ready for process tools to be turned on with confidence.

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Wet Process KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety

Process Tool Fire Safety

KFPI designs, installs, and certifies engineered fire protection systems for semiconductor process tools. KFPI is an authorized distributor of the leading brands of fire suppression systems for semiconductor applications, including Hatsuta, Ansul, Kidde, and Minimax. We provide reliable solutions and specially engineered for semiconductor and other high-tech processes. KFPI’s global fire safety team is comprised of semiconductor professionals who specialize in fire safety solutions for semiconductor process tools.

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KFPI LCAS Metalorganic Fire Safety


The KFPI LCAS system is an “ADD-ON” safety control system for metalorganic bulk chemical delivery systems. LCAS is a self-contained safety control system which can be attached to an LCAS-compatible MO bulk chemical delivery system or to MO tool gas boxes. The LCAS is SEMI S2 compliant, and can safely monitor and control the BCDS environment. In the event of a liquid or vapor leak of metal organicchemistry inside of the BCDS, the LCAS safely contains and abates the leak, without fire, damage, or particle exposure to the fab – resulting in minimal disruption to production.

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Semiconductor Equipment Specialists

  • Understanding of Semiconductor Equipment & Processes
  • Specialists in Hazard Analysis & Fire Safety Integration
  • Reliability, Performance, Uptime, & Longevity
  • Specialists in CO2 & FWS Equipment Designs
  • Experts in SEMI, FM, & NFPA Compliance Requirements
  • Local and/or Global Solutions

KFPI Turn-Key Solutions Include:

  • System Design
  • Equipment & Materials
  • Global Installation
  • Testing & Certification

Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) has industry-leading fire protection experience, proven reliability, and knowledge of our customer’s needs. Our proven semiconductor fire safety expertise provides a demonstrable advantage to our customers. As semiconductor manufacturing technology has evolved over the past decades, KFPI has evolved with it, continually improving fire safety solutions for these unique and critical processes. No semiconductor fire safety challenge is too daunting for us! Let our competence be your confidence! In addition to our corporate office located in Dallas Texas, KFPI has branch offices worldwide throughout the USA, Asia, & Europe to consistently support your global needs.

KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety

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