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Ansul – SAPPHIRE® Clean-Agent Fire Suppression Systems

ANSUL® SAPPHIRE® Clean-Agent Fire Suppression Systems are clean-agent fire suppression systems that are designed for use in protecting against fire hazards in occupied or non-occupied where electronic or other equipment is sensitive, and might be damaged by water sprinkler, mist, or other fire suppression agents. These sophisticated fire safety systems are particularly useful for suppressing fires in hazards where an electrically non-conductive medium is essential or desirable, where clean up of other agents presents a problem, or where the hazard is normally occupied and requires a non-toxic agent. The ANSUL® SAPPHIRE® Clean-Agent Fire Suppression System utilizes 3M Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid as the suppression agent. Novec 1230 fluid can effectively be applied in total flooding fire suppression applications in the following areas:

Ansul Sapphire Clean Agent Fire Suppression
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Tape Storage Vaults
  • All normally occupied or unoccupied electronic areas where equipment is either very sensitive or irreplaceable
  • Telecommunications including Cellular Sites and Switching Centers
  • Military Systems including Combat Vehicles and Marine Engine Rooms Transportation including Merchant Marine Vessels and Mass Transit Vehicles
  • Recreation including Pleasure Craft and Race Cars

Environmental Impact

The SAPPHIRE Suppression System utilizes Novec 1230 fluid. This fluid has 0.0 ozone depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days, and a global warming potential of 1.0. Novec 1230 fluid is registered with the U.S. EPA under TSCA and European ELINCS. It has met the requirements of registration under SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) and is approved for use as an alternative to Halon 1301 for total flooding applications in occupied spaces.


The SAPPHIRE Suppression System is an automatic, fixed nozzle, fire suppression system using Novec 1230 fluid for Class A, B, and C fires. The system is designed and installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 2001, “Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.” It is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), Underwriters of Canada (ULC), and approved by Factory Mutual (FM).

The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. The detection portion of the fire suppression system allows for automatic detection by means of the AUTOPULSE Detection and Control System. Several different detection options are available such as smoke or air sampling.

Ansul – SAPPHIRE®Clean-Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Exposure to Novec 1230 fluid at design concentrations up to 10% (NOAEL) is not hazardous to health. Refer to NFPA 2001 for exposure requirements. As with Halons, the EPA and the National Fire Protection Association recommend that unnec-essary exposure to any agent be avoided and that personnel evacuate protected areas as quickly as possible to avoid the decomposition products of the fire.

A system installation and maintenance manual is available containing information on system components and procedures concerning design, operation, inspection, maintenance, and recharge. The system is installed and serviced by authorized distributors that are trained by the manufacturer.

For more information about Ansul – SAPPHIRE®Clean-Agent Fire Suppression Systems, please contact Ansul or let KFPI know what your requirements are.

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