Semiconductor Equipment Fire Safety Audits

KFPI maintains global teams of highly-trained and experienced technicians, to provide the best semiconductor fire safety expertise wherever it is needed. In addition to fire safety solutions for semiconductor equipment, KFPI also provides fire safety leadership in the semiconductor EHS arena. We provide fire safety recommendations for industry improvements, equipment fire safety risk assessment and consulting, and system inspections and audits – regardless of size and scope of the requirement.

Semiconductor Metalorganics

High purity metalorganic precursors are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, in the production of integrated circuits and devices. These once exotic chemistries are now a standard part of various doping and deposition processes. Semiconductor-grade metalorganics are highly-refined for use as precursors in silicon and compound semiconductor industry processes.

Protecto Wire
Linear Heat Detection Use on Semiconductor Process Tools

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a versatile and economical fire detection method, designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications. Linear heat detection cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions where maintenance access is in an area where there is a requirement to cost-effectively install fire detection in close proximity to a potential hazard. LHD is ideal for semiconductor wet tool exhaust plenum areas, plumbing and wiring areas, and other areas of a semiconductor wet tool, where excessive cost or poor visibility renders flame detectors impractical.

Flame Detectors for Semiconductor Tools

Fire safety systems designed to protect semiconductor manufacturing equipment typically use flame detectors to alert the presence of a fire in a semiconductor tool. These critical devices are a very important part of a semiconductor equipment fire suppression system. There are many different kinds of flame detectors, and it is important to use the right kind of flame detector, and to have it installed in the right place in the tool. Flame detectors are designed to see the heat signatures that are created by flames. Different fuel sources create different flame signatures. It is important that a fire safety system is designed with a flame detector that can see potential flame signatures fueled by the respective chemistry in a semiconductor process tool.

Hatsuta Fire Safety Equipment
Hatsuta EWT CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

KFPI is a proud distributor and integrator of Hatsuta fire safety equipment, including Hatsuta EWT. All KFPI field technicians are factory trained experts at installation, testing, and certication of Hatsuta equipment. KFPI custom designs and integrates Hatsuta fire safety systems, to provide optimal protection that is specific to semiconductor tools and processes. Hatsuta semiconductor fire safety systems designed and integrated by KFPI, are some of the BEST semiconductor fire safety solutions available, anywhere in the world.

Fire Safety Systems
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KFPI designs, installs, and certifies engineered fire protection systems for semiconductor process tools. KFPI is an authorized distributor of the leading brands of fire suppression systems for semiconductor applications, including Hatsuta, Ansul, Kidde, and Minimax.

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Process Tool Fire Safety KFPI designs, installs, and certifies engineered fire protection systems for semiconductor process tools. KFPI is an…

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