Article: Semiconductor Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Solutions for High Technology Processes

High-technology manufacturing continues to grow in terms of variety of products, as well as scale and complexity of manufacturing capability. As electronic device technology evolves in sophistication and complexity, high-technology processes become increasing intricate and delicate. The financial value of the average cleanroom manufacturing operation has never been greater. The consequences of anything going wrong are gravid. Even a minor disruption to production throughput is agonizingly extortionate. Fire safety solutions for high technology processes require something more than the average technical proficiency and uncertain fire safety components.

We Understand Semiconductor Equipment Fire Safety

Our Minimum Standards are the Highest Standards

KFPI has a keen understanding of the requirements of high-technology manufacturing fire safety. All fire safety solutions and products provided by KFPI, meet or exceed all relevant fire safety codes, including NFPA, SEMI, and FM Global standards.

We Understand Semiconductor Equipment Fire Safety

Customized Fire Safety Solutions

We understand that a semiconductor manufacturer’s job is to develop that devices that make our electronic world turn. We also know that fire safety systems are generally viewed by many end users as a headache, a necessary headache, but pain just the same! At KFPI, our job is fire safety solutions. This is what we do, and do well. At KFPI, we like to be challenged. Bring us your problems! Bring us your biggest problems! Every high-tech fire safety solution we design is custom-made for the unique specifications of the process and process equipment that it is meant to protect. The more daunting the task, the more we relish rolling up our sleeves and coming up with a solution. When it comes to the safety of your process equipment, don’t settle for mediocrity.

Fire Safety Solutions for Semiconductor Process Equipment

KFPI specializes in designing, installing, and supporting fire safety solutions which are tailored for specific process tools and processes. KFPI has expertise in solution designs for every major make of semiconductor process equipment.

  • Wet Benches
  • Ion Implanters
  • Photolithography Steppers / Scanners / Lasers
  • Coaters
  • Stockers
  • Furnaces
  • Chemical Distribution Cabinets
  • Track Tools
KFPI High Technology Fire Safety

KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety Expertise

KFPI employs licensed, factory trained, NICET certified, and clean room qualified professionals to work in your facilities. Our Project Managers & Field Engineers work closely with the tool engineers to minimize tool downtime by expediting tool installations inside the clean room. KFPI staff has an average tenure of 20+ years in the semiconductor industry, and we ensure our installations are to the highest degree of quality and efficiency. .

Our Service Includes:
  • Installations
  • Inspections
  • Audits

Achieving Global Compliance

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that different states, provinces, and nations have disparate codes which regulate fire safety systems on semiconductor process equipment. It is not enough to design a system that adheres to SEMI S02, NFPA , CE, and FM Global requirements. System design and selection of fire safety system components that can be used anywhere in the world where the process equipment might be used, is really important. A bit of forethought saves a lot of headaches in the long term. What use is a CO2 fire suppression system in a country where the CO2 cylinders used in the design, and illegal and unavailable? What happens when your equipment that has compliant safety systems in one country, is moved to another country with different requirements? Without overwhelming you with hypothetical scenarios, suffice it to say, the right planning up front saves a lot of trouble and cost later.

KFPI Co2 Suppression System

Diverse Fire Safety Products

KFPI provides a wide range of fire safety products that have been tested and evaluated for compliance and performance in critical, high-tech equipment and processes.

TraceTek Leak Detection Systems
CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Flame Detectors
Vesda – High-Sensitivity Smoke Detectors

The LCAS Fire Safety System for Semiconductor Metalorganics

One of the semiconductor industry fire safety concerns that KFPI has recently addressed, is the need for a practical fire safety solution for the pyrophoric metalorganic compounds which are used with increasing volume by semiconductor manufacturing processes. KFPI developed a revolutionary fire safety leak containment and abatement system, the LCAS – an add-on safety device for metalorganic storage and delivery systems. The KFPI LCAS monitors bulk distribution systems for pyrophoric metalorganic materials, and in the event of a leak, safely contains and abates the metal organic material without fire, smoke, or particulate damage to semiconductor tools, processes, or clean rooms. Metalorganic leaks in semiconductor facilities no longer need to be considered catastrophic scenarios.

KFPI Leak Detection Systems For Semiconductor Facilities

KFPI Expertise

  • Understanding of Semiconductor Equipment & Processes
  • Specialists in Hazard Analysis & Fire Safety Integration
  • Reliability, Performance, Uptime, & Longevity
  • Specialists in CO2 & FWS Equipment Designs
  • Experts in SEMIFM, & NFPA Compliance Requirements
  • Local and/or Global Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions Include:

  • System Design
  • Equipment & Materials
  • Global Installation
  • Testing & Certification