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Happy New Year 2020

KFPI - Nothing will stop us!

As the final hours of 2019 draw to a close, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to those who made this year successful for us. At this time of reflection and gratitude for a prosperous year in conclusion, we would like to share our excitement for new beginnings – a fresh start of a new year. As we ring in this new year, we express a sincere reaffirmation of continued commitment to exemplary service, with wishes for an ever-brighter future for all who make our purpose fulfilled. KFPI bids you health and happiness, and good fortune and prosperity in the coming year. We wish you a happy new year, in 2020!

Let us put our best foot forward!

Lady Winter

A maiden has arrived,
Spread her ephemeral vestiges in the stealth of dawn,
Enswathed the threshold of morning with her frosty gown,
Attired the world in bridal white,
To wed the groom of first beholding,
Abiding unblighted, for the caress of flesh fingers,
For the blood-warmth to take up a portion of her veil,
To abide as one substance,
She and I,
For a moment of courtship.

~ Daniel F Mitchell – VP of Global Sales, KFPI

Happy New Year from KFPI

KFPI Fire Suppression Systems

KFPI Service

We look forward to serving your semiconductor equipment fire safety needs in 2020. KFPI (Koetter Fire Protection International) is a semiconductor fire safety company, 100% dedicated to semiconductor and related high-tech manufacturing process fire safety. Our global team is comprised of semiconductor experts who bring a diverse range of semiconductor technical expertise and a valuable depth of semiconductor process experience. 

Please contact us with your requirements.

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