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2018 – Happy Year of the Dog from KFPI

新年快乐! 恭喜发财!

KFPI is proud to be a part of the great semiconductor market of China. We are grateful for the trust and confidence that our customers have invested in us. We are thankful to be considered the paramount global semiconductor fire safety experts. We sincerely express our thanks to our Chinese partners and friends. The people of KFPI hope that the new year will bring you lasting prosperity. We wish you a happy Year of the Dog!

Happy Year of the Dog from KFPI!
Happy Year of the Dog from KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety!

2018, the Year of the Dog, is almost here. 2018 is symbolized in the Chinese zodiac by the Brown Earth Dog. The Brown Earth Dog has a connection to the Earth – to the soil, walls, hills, and mountains. In 2018, there will be metaphorical mountains for us to climb, but we should not see these mountains as obstacles in our path. The mountains before us, are goals that shall mark our success in building something that we can stand upon triumphantly.

KFPI is confident that 2018 will be another great year for the China semiconductor industry, and a monumental year for KFPI China. Here is wishing us all success and satisfaction in the Year of the Dog!

大展鴻圖! 金玉滿堂! 福壽雙全!

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