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KFPI Purchasing and Warehouse Manager

Lawrence Sledge

Lawrence Sledge serves as the Purchasing and Warehouse Manager at KFPI. Lawrence is in his sixth year of dedication to the KFPI team. During his time in service to our company, Lawrence has become a cornerstone of our operations. He oversees our purchasing and inventory logistics, our component assembly and testing operations, as well as our packaging and shipment preparation operations.

Lawrence is a critical component in the heart of the KFPI machine. He is a professional heavy hitter, at the top of his game. He brings a level of exemplary performance to our company, that makes us all at KFPI equally grateful and proud to wear the same team colors. It is for this purpose, that we are happy to share our sincere public recognition for our outstanding team member.

Lawrence Sledge

A KFPI Leader

Lawrence is considered a solid leader by everyone who interfaces with him, both inside and outside of our company. He engages in his duties with great energy and passion, and motivates those around him to reach higher for their own measure of success. He has a solid work ethic that helps keep us all committed to continual improvement. Lawrence Sledge daily inspires those he leads, to strive for the same kind of excellence that he exhibits in his own tasks. He has superior knowledge of the myriad fire safety components in KFPI’s extensive inventory – upon which KFPI’s fire safety solutions for critical processes rely heavily. Lawrence always seems to find a way to see that our team members in the field have the materials they need to provide our valuable customers the service that we promise. He is doubtless a key reason that KFPI is able to maintain the level of on-time system delivery and installation for which KFPI has established a solid reputation.

Few things in this life are a given. Business, even at the best of times, is an uncertain proposition – a battle waged within the harsh and capricious parameters of global competition. At KFPI, one thing is always a constant: Lawrence always comes through for us. Lawrence Sledge is the kind of man that one can truly rely upon to get things done. He is a self-motivated professional, with a can-do attitude. We are truly grateful to have him as a cornerstone of our team. ~ Daniel F Mitchell, VP of Global Sales – KFPI

Please feel free to contact Lawrence, if there is anything that he can do to assist you:    

Lawrence Sledge
Purchasing and Warehouse Manager
O: (214) 358-3593
M: (214)674-2490
E: lsledge@kfpi.com
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KFPI (Koetter Fire Protection International) is a semiconductor fire safety company, 100% dedicated to semiconductor and related high-tech manufacturing process fire safety. Our global team is comprised of semiconductor experts who bring a diverse range of semiconductor technical expertise and a valuable depth of semiconductor process experience. We focus on the small but critical industry niche of fire safety for process tools. KFPI does not manufacture fire suppression equipment. We use the best quality components in our designs of custom-engineered fire safety systems for semiconductor process tools.

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