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SESHA Webinar – Risk Communication for EHS Managers 

As a proud member and supporter of SESHA, KFPI would like to encourage any high-technology professionals involved in EHS, to consider participating in the upcoming SESHA Webinar in January of 2020. The topic of this webinar is Risk Communication for EHS Managers. This environmental health and safety learning opportunity will be held on January 8, 2020, at 4:00 PM EST . This Webinar will share some of the valuable knowledge and experience of Dr. Shannon Maggari from Colden Corporation.

As EH&S professional’s roles and responsibilities continue to expand, the need to effectively convey difficult and sometimes complex scientific information to various stakeholders has grown with it. All too often the strategies for communicating risk are left out of the formal EH&S curriculum and the experience is gained in the field, sometimes at great expense. Using a case study presentation format, this session will equip EH&S professional’s with a few practical tools to face some of the routine difficulties associated with communicating risk to various stakeholder groups. 

SESHA EHS Webinar - January 8th, 2020

Participants will learn:

  • How to reconcile what the audience wants with what they need
  • Key strategies for earning trust equity
  • Where do communication plans fit in to your existing EH&S programs
  • What communication materials can be the most effective
Dr. Shannon Maggari – Colden Corporation

About Dr. Shannon Magari

A principal owner of Colden Corporation, Shannon Magari serves as vice president of health sciences and co-chair of the litigation support practice. She aids clients in determining the origin and nature of workplace health concerns and provides litigation support in suspected cases of occupationally or environmentally induced illnesses. Over the course of 10+ years, Dr. Magari has evaluated myriad industrial and nonindustrial settings and a wide range of health effects. She has investigated occupational and environmental clusters involving reproductive, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory illness.

Dr. Magari holds a doctor of science in environmental health from Harvard University with a concentration in occupational epidemiology. Her thesis focused on evaluating the cardiovascular health effects of airborne particulate air pollution. She also holds a master of public health in epidemiology and biostatistics from Boston University, a master of science in engineering science from Dartmouth College, and a bachelor of science in bioengineering from Syracuse University.

Dr. Magari continues to perform air quality research and teaches and advises students through academic appointments at the Harvard School of Public Health, SUNY Upstate Medical Center and the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University where she is advising Engineers Without Borders students working on the health and safety aspects of developing a kitchen in an orphanage in Kenya. 

KFPI Fire Safety Leadership

In addition to fire safety solutions for semiconductor equipment, KFPI provides fire safety leadership in the semiconductor EHS arena. We provide fire safety recommendations for industry improvements, equipment fire safety risk assessment and consulting, and system inspections and audits – regardless of size and scope of the requirement. KFPI also offers fire safety testing for semiconductor process chemistries and fire safety hazards, as well as research and development of new fire safety products and fire safety methodologies. KFPI is a proud member and supporter of SESHA.

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