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Silane Leak Testing

Silane Leak Testing

Testing the Effectiveness of Silane Fire Detection Methods

KFPI and ASM recently concluded leak testing of Silane in a controlled environment, to assess the efficacy of leak detection and fire safety protocols in a semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Results of this joint testing were presented to the 2019 SESHA conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

The full presentation is here:

Basic results of this Silane fire detection testing indicate that most flame detectors, commonly used in semiconductor facilities, which are intended as critical components in fire safety systems for Silane storage and handling tools, are ineffective in detecting a Silane fire. We strongly recommend that present Silane fire detection methodologies be reviewed. It is our conclusion that high sensitivity smoke detection should be incorporated in Silane fire safety code and fire safety systems.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you have regarding Silane fire detection or Silane fire safety.

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