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Spring Du – KFPI 中国区总监

Spring Du is the General Manager of KFPI operations in Asia, based in the Songjing District of Shanghai, China. She heads all KFPI sales, service, and logistical responsibilities in Asia. The primary function of the KFPI office in China is to support our front line operations with seasoned semiconductor technicians throughout China and the rest of Asia. Spring Du oversees the complex logistics of managing KFPI’s global fire safety solution installations in Asia, and the infrastructure required to maintain this operation. She is organized, efficient, and serves as KFPI’s face of professionalism to our customers in Asia. It is our true privilege to have her as a star of our global team.

Spring’s Experience

Spring Du has been involved in the semiconductor industry for over 15 years, providing sales and support for fire safety solutions, process temperature control, epitaxial reactor and diffusion furnace components, deionized water heaters, chemical heaters, semiconductor-grade quartz ware and heaters, megasonic cleaning tools, spin rinse dryers, and wet process tools. Spring has a thorough understanding of the requirements of semiconductor customers, and is very adept at satisfying their technical needs. She has an industry-wide reputation for being trustworthy and dependable, and is genuinely admired by the many semiconductor professionals who know her.

Spring Du is a good sales manager. She is a very responsible leader for us, who has the foresight to be patient with members of our team. Spring is friendly to customers, and is our learning model. She is the foundation of our Asian operations. We try hard to keep pace with her. ~ Cindy Yang – KFPI Sales Manager Asia

Spring Du is the cornerstone of our growing team in China. She has been inestimable in her role of building an effective and lasting presence for our company in Asia. Her many accomplishments include building and shaping an effective sales and support office, an excellent sales team, and an awesome customer base. There is not a day which passes when I do not feel grateful to have Spring Du at my side. She is intelligent, visionary, and most of all loyal. It is with great pride that I account her both friend and colleague. ~ Daniel Mitchell, KFPI Vice President of Sales

Semiconductor Metalorganics


KFPI 是一家半导体消防安全公司,100% 致力于半导体及相关高科技消防安全生产工艺。我们的全球团队由半导体专家组成,他们具有丰富的半导体技术知识和工艺经验。我们专注于生产设备的防火安全这一小而关键的行业. KFPI不生产灭火设备。我们使用最优质的元件设计定制工程消防安全系统的半导体加工工具。


我们的公司总部设在Texas的 Dallas, 我们拥有全球半导体防火安全技术专家团队, 他们为世界各地的半导体客户提供安装, 测试和认证防火安全系统的专业知识。KFPI的消防安全解决方案保证按预期运行, 并符合SEMI S2, NFPA, FM和世界各地的所有当地消防安全要求。




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