Fire Safety Systems for Semiconductor Processes

Old Fire Safety Equipment
Cheap Fire Safety Systems Aren’t Cheap!

Why even bother having a fire safety system, if it’s not going to work? Why buy one if it is going to become defective in a few months’ time? At KFPI, we realize how bothersome fire safety systems can be. We understand how challenging it is to maintain a semiconductor process line. Having to worry about a fire safety system is an added responsibility that few people desire to shoulder. We get it! We really do. But please don’t underestimate the importance of having one, and having one that works.

Hatsuta Fire Safety Equipment
Hatsuta EWT CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

KFPI is a proud distributor and integrator of Hatsuta fire safety equipment, including Hatsuta EWT. All KFPI field technicians are factory trained experts at installation, testing, and certication of Hatsuta equipment. KFPI custom designs and integrates Hatsuta fire safety systems, to provide optimal protection that is specific to semiconductor tools and processes. Hatsuta semiconductor fire safety systems designed and integrated by KFPI, are some of the BEST semiconductor fire safety solutions available, anywhere in the world.