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Tripp Baker – Technical System Designer for KFPI

Tripp Baker has been a part of the KFPI team since January of 2013. Tripp was born and raised in the greater Dallas area of the State of Texas. He is based out of our corporate office in Dallas, where he serves as a Technical System Designer of our fire safety systems. KFPI is recognized as the global leader in the field of semiconductor, solar, and FPD fire risk engineering, and has a worldwide reputation for delivering specialized semiconductor manufacturing fire safety solutions. KFPI maintains teams of professional semiconductor fire safety technical experts, like Tripp Baker, at strategic locations all over the globe.

Tripp Baker

At the Core of Our Designs

Tripp Baker worked his way up through the ranks at KFPI, beginning as a Fire Safety System Technician, and mastering, hands on, the intricacies of semiconductor fire safety systems. He earned his place in the center of our technical design team, by demonstrating a level of knowledge and competence that our global team members have come to rely upon on a daily basis.

Tripp Baker has a solid grasp of fire safety systems, and how they are integrated into semiconductor process equipment. Tripp has demonstrated determination and commitment during his tenure at KFPI, steadily mastering the intricacies of semiconductor fire safety, learning each technical aspect, precept upon precept, until he became a key asset in KFPI’s technical staff. He is reliable and responsive in his duties, providing exemplary support to our customers and to our team members around the world. KFPI is a more efficient and organized company because of Tripp Baker. I am proud to be on the same team. ~ Daniel F Mitchell, VP of Sales – KFPI

KFPI provides customized fire safety solutions for semiconductor process equipment. Each fire safety system that we install anywhere on the globe, has been carefully and skillfully designed by our technical design professionals and reviewed by our CTO, to ensure the highest level of compliance and reliability. Tripp Baker is tasked with assessing the technical details of our customers’ requirements, studying the equipment and process specifications and specifying the layout of an optimal fire safety system that factors in the fire risk present and the applicable safety codes upon which to base a solution. Each KFPI fire safety system that Tripp designs has customized specifications and layout pertinent to the respective application.

KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety

Global Solutions

Our company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but we maintain global teams of semiconductor fire safety technical experts who provide expertise in installing, testing, and certifying fire safety systems for semiconductor customers anywhere in the world. KFPI’s fire safety solutions are guaranteed to function as intended, and to comply with SEMI S2, NFPA, FM, and all local fire safety requirements, anywhere in the world.

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