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Securiplex Fine Water Spray (FWS)

Many customers prefer to use fine water spray fire protection systems for their critical processes. Securiplex Fine Water Spray Systems (FWS) are low-pressure water mist systems, which are installed within process tools, using cleanroom compatible plastics, which reduces the risk of contamination. The use of de-ionized water and nitrogen to create very fine water droplets, eliminates the risk of contamination of the process and products, in the event of a fire suppression system discharge.

This approved system can be installed on a variety of semiconductor production equipment such as:

  • Open-faced wet benches
  • Mini environments
  • Plating machines
  • Spin dryers
  • Solvent tools
  • Flammable liquid baths

Semiconductor Water Mist Nozzle

The Jetmist nozzle consists of three parts (cap, insert and base). The nozzle uses the existing Nitrogen and DI water systems in the fabrication area. No stand alone source of extinguishing medium is required. Water/deionized (DI) water and nitrogen (N2)/air are supplied independently to the nozzles through side ports. The nozzle is specifically designed to produce a desired spray pattern and angle, as well as to operate at a specific pressure and flow rate. Nozzle layout must conform to guidelines*.
Nozzles may be mounted to either the sidewall of a compartment or over the surface of the protected area and supplied in a daisy chain configuration (maximum of three nozzles). They are to be installed on a piping network that is sized to supply each nozzle with the minimum water and air (or nitrogen) pressure.

The Securiplex water mist nozzles are approved by Factory Mutual and compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NPPA) Standard no. 750.

Semiconductor Zone Valve Assembly

The zone valve assembly is used to control the air/N2 and water/DI water discharge to the twin fluid, low pressure, water mist nozzles.
The zone valve assembly consists of the following main items:

  • PVDF ball valve for potable water/deionized (DI) water
  • Stainless steel (SS) – 316L pneumatic angle globe valve for air/N2
  • Flow confirmation switch
  • High/low supervisory pressure switches for air/N2 & water/deionized water
  • Low pressure solenoid valve

The water/DI water zone valve assembly may also be provided in polypropylene material, based on customer specific requirements.
*The operating pressures for the high/low supervisory pressure switches are set based on the individual customer installations.

KFPI creates comprehensive design packages that properly integrate securiplex fine water spray systems into semiconductor process tools, ensuring reliability and conformance to applicable codes. KFPI (Koetter Fire Protection International) is a semiconductor fire safety company, 100% dedicated to semiconductor and related high-tech manufacturing process fire safety. If you require a fine water spray fire protection system, please contact KFPI, so that we may assist you.

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