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Wishing you a Season of Joy!

Season of Joy from KFPI
May you find true contentment in this joyful season!

In this loveliest and happiest of seasons, this time of good tidings and cheer, may you find many reasons to celebrate. We entreat the melodies and spirit of this season of joy to fill your home with love and peace. May your world sparkle with the reflection of a spirit of goodness in your life. May the light of hope shine brightly upon your days, and fill your moments with memories that you will always treasure. KFPI wishes you a time of contentment, merriment, and festivity, and best success in the new year.

A December Night

On a December night,
Hushed and blanketed white,
We crunched out across the snow,
Pulling our sleds as fast as we could go,
The heavenly flakes floating around,
Spreading more blanket on the ground,
Our pant legs stiff and creaking,
We, like wandering shepherds, seeking
A sign, a divine star,
Beyond a field afar,
A snow-covered hill,
A ride, a thrill.

We might find it again, by and by,
Were we to seek, were we to try.

~ Daniel F MitchellVP of Global Sales, KFPI

A December Night

The Wonder Around Us

At this beautiful time of the year, we at KFPI, wish you a safe, warm, and peaceful reprieve from all of the troubles of the world. We hope that you will find time for reflection on the beauty around us – which is ours to harvest in abundance, if only we have a will to partake. We wish you, and those you hold dear, merriment, jubilance, and a precious opportunity to build memories to cherish until the end of your days. From KFPI, we wish you a season of Joy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from KFPI!

May the angels of your better nature sing you carols of contentment!

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