Semiconductor Fire Protection Products
Semiconductor Fire Protection Products

For Semiconductor Applications

Engineered CO2 Fire Protection Systems

KFPI is an authorized distributor of the leading brands of fire suppression systems for semiconductor applications, including Hatsuta, Ansul, Kidde, and Minimax. We provide solutions and specialized systems solely for the semiconductor industry. We are experts in providing fire safety solutions that are exactly right for semiconductor process tools. The world’s leaders in semiconductor process tools count on KFPI to design, install, service, inspect and maintain their fire protection systems to the highest standards. We ensure the most reliable and compliant solutions to protect your valuable processes.

KFPI Fire Suppression System Design

Comprehensive Design Packages

A key deliverable in the scope of a KFPI fire safety solution is the comprehensive design package that is part of each comprehensive, customized solution that is foundational to a proper fire safety system for semiconductor process equipment. Each KFPI design package is a customized design, specific to the tool and process for which it is intended to protect. A typical design package can consist of upwards of 75 pages of detailed specifications, calculations, and drawings.

KFPI Fire Suppression System Design

FAQs about CO2 fire safety systems for semiconductor facilities and equipment.

Why should we use KFPI?

Because we’re experts in semiconductor fire safety. KFPI’s team of semiconductor fire safety engineers can help your facility with the following utilizing our custom engineered fire protection systems for your semiconductor facilities.

  • MAXIMIZE  tool utilization by preventing downtime.
  • Which MAXIMIZES asset utilization by increasing reliability and uptime.
  • And also REDUCES utility costs by increasing energy efficiency.
  • While REDUCING your cost of maintenance programs.
  • And IMPROVING the safety for technicians and fab personnel.
  • While PREVENTING fires and catastrophic thermal events.
  • And help to ENHANCE QUALITY of product with process CONSISTENCY.
  • And finally, EXTEND tool life and quality with base line documentation.
Can KFPI create a custom CO2 fire safety system?

Yes. KFPI specializes in custom fire system design for semiconductor equipment and facilities. We can handle everything for your company from design to install, even regular system maintenance.

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