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Is your flame detector really going to see the right flame signature, in the event of a catastrophic event in your semiconductor process equipment? One of the most common mistakes we find, in fire safety systems that are designed by amateurs, is the use of the wrong flame detector for the fuel type being used in the process equipment.

Do you have the right fire detection devices, but in the wrong places? Do you have the right application nozzles? Will you really have sufficient CO2 to properly extinguish a fire in your process tool? Are you complying with all of the applicable fire and safety codes? Stop guessing, and let us give you the certainty that you deserve, by providing a thorough audit of your fire safety systems. Whatever your scope or scale, ask us about fire safety audits for your critical systems!

Semiconductor Fire System Audits & Consultations

KFPI Certifications.

  • SEMI© Standards Fire Protection Task Force
  • SEMI© & ISMI Energetics Committee
  • NFPA 318 Clean Room Fire Protection Committee
  • Factory Mutual (FM Global) Semiconductor Specialists
  • Factory Mutual Research Board (FMRC)
  • Expert Witness on International Fire Loss Litigations
  • Global Training Seminars
  • Fabricators, Insurance, & 3rd Party Consultants

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