Riken-Keiki GD-70D Gas Detector
Riken-Keiki GD-70D Gas Detector

Gas Detection Systems & Products

Riken Keiki GD-70D Single Point Gas Detector

  • Monitor combustibles, O2, and a wide range of toxics
  • Plug and play intelligent sensors retain calibration and sensor data
  • Common platform (main unit / sensor / pump) for all detection methods
  • Universal main unit (all sensor types)
  • Multifunctional sensor unit (new Intelligent sensor)
  • No internal tubing (main unit) / No coil (pump)
  • Front access, no tools required, easy sensor and pump replacement
  • Large size LCD screen
  • Minimal maintenance cost through enhanced troubleshooting firmware functions
  • Small mounting space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide variety of sensors available

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