KFPI LIDA-MS46 Life Saving Chemical Detection Equipment
KFPI LIDA-MS46 Life Saving Chemical Detection Equipment

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KFPI LIDA-MS46 Multi-point Gas Detector

The KFPI LIDA-MS46 is an innovative chemical detector designed to identify a gas leak in a Semiconductor fab for Life Safety Purposes. The KFPI LIDA-MS46 uses powerful quadrupole mass spectrometer technology. The KFPI LIDA-MS46 measures chemical leaks at any concentration; capable of monitoring chemicals without cross-sensitivities.

Detectable Gases: The LIDA-MS46 measures contaminants at low and high concentrations in ambient locations and tool exhaust. For a complete list of chemicals contact your Regional Sales Manager at KFPI.

Applications: EPI, wafer processing, CVD, tool exhaust, cleanroom ambient monitoring, laboratory, research & development, ion implanters.

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