KFPI LIDA-MS46 Chemical Detector
KFPI LIDA-MS46 Life Saving Chemical Detection Equipment

Gas Detection Products

KFPI brings the best technologies from various manufacturers to provide customers the ideal solution for their specific needs. KFPI gas detection systems are comprised of technologies that include electrochemical, colorimetric paper tape, infrared, mass spectrometry, and many others. Available globally, KFPI provides services on a majority of gas detectors used in the industry. KFPI is a total solutions company offering design, installation, system integration, startup, service, and sustaining support. Service is available for onsite and on-demand.”

About KFPI

KFPI is a semiconductor fire safety company, 100% dedicated to semiconductor and related high-tech manufacturing process fire safety. Our global team is comprised of semiconductor experts who bring a diverse range of semiconductor technical expertise and a valuable depth of semiconductor process experience.

At KFPI, we focus on the small but critical industry niche of fire safety for process tools. KFPI does not manufacture fire suppression equipment. We use the best quality components in our designs of custom-engineered fire safety systems for semiconductor process tools.