KFPI Sterling TGMS
KFPI Sterling TGMS

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KFPI Sterling TGMS

KFPI offers our very own Toxic Gas Monitoring System (TGMS) called Sterling SCADA.

What is the KFPI Sterling Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)?

  • Control System designed to provide critical life safety responses to gas monitoring events.
  • Visualization System designed to provide simple, intuitive user interface and data acquisition.
  • Customized Solution designed to meet the individual application, built on core proven software components.
Sterling Brochure System Overview

KFPI Sterling Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Gas Detection Agnostic – Any gas detector in the market by taking advantage of common communication protocols like Modbus TCP or, in cases, analog input.

The “EYE” of the TGMS or visualization and programming tool is PC/Windows based software using Inductive Automation Ignition V8.1 SCADA software.

The “BRAIN” of the TGMS is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based utilizing either the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC family or Siemens S7 PLC family.  In either case, the PLC contains the programming based on the cause & effect matrix or functional matrix.

The “BACKBONE” or nervous system of the TGMS is Modbus TCP based communication protocol of choice using Ethernet cables (CAT5/6 or fiber).

Why not LonWorks? Unfortunately, significantly diminished communication protocol with poor technical support.

Contact KFPI and we can provide a migration path to the latest TGMS technologies.

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