Riken Keiki FPM-80
Riken Keiki FPM-80

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Riken Keiki FPM-80 Multi-point Gas Detector

A Multi-point Tape-type Continuous Monitoring Gas Detection System, the FPM-80 is renowned for its high reliability in detecting gases at low concentrations and its exceptional long-term stability. It automatically resets to the zero level after each gas detection. The following outlines the main functions and special features of the FPM-80:

  • A two-tiered alarm system (consisting of the first alarm and the second alarm) is utilized.
  • The gas detection tapes are designed in a cassette style, facilitating easy replacement.
  • Regular replacement of the gas detection cassette tape every 6 months ensures optimal performance.
  • When a target gas for detection, drawn by a pump, interacts with the gas detection tape, the tape undergoes a color reaction corresponding to the gas concentration. The monitor discerns the ratio of color change (alteration in light reflection rate) before and after the gas contact, converting it into the gas concentration.
  • One of the key advantages of the gas detection principles utilized in the FPM-80 is its minimal susceptibility to alcohol or interference gases like hydrogen.
  • Cross sensitivities are kept at a low level, though complete elimination is not guaranteed.

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