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KFPI Products & Services

CO2 Fire Protection Systems

Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) is an authorized distributor of the leading brands of fire suppression systems for semiconductor applications. We provide solutions and specialized systems solely for the semiconductor industry.

Installations, Inspections, & Audits

KFPI maintains global teams of highly-trained and experienced technicians, to provide the best semiconductor fire safety expertise wherever it is needed. We are experts in semiconductor equipment fire safety.

Leak Containment & Abatement System

LCAS is a fire safety system for semiconductor pyrophoric chemistries / liquid metal organics storage and delivery systems. The KFPI LCAS system is an “ADD-ON” safety control system for metal organic bulk chemical delivery systems.


Vesda smoke detection systems offer the earliest possible warning of a potential fire. These highly-sensitive systems will ensure business continuity and freedom from nuisance alarms. These sophisticated devices can adapt to the unique characteristics of your process environment, to provide the most technologically advanced early warning fire detection methods available.

Flame Detectors for Semiconductor Applications

KFPI flame detectors are reliable, short-range flame detectors, optimized for use in the interior spaces of semiconductor production and cleaning equipment. These detectors are designed in accordance with Semi S2 performance and safety standards, and have been tested in accordance with the FM3260 (2001) test standard.

Gas Detection Systems

KFPI consults, designs and installs Life Safety Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems in the semiconductor industry. KFPI is an authorized distributor for leading brands of gas detection solutions that include RKI Instruments, DOD Technologies, and Sensidyne. In addition, KFPI has developed gas detection solutions. KFPI provides engineered semiconductor solutions customizing existing products to fir your unique application needs.

Semiconductor Fire Safety KFPI

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