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SESHA Regions and Chapters

SESHA is the premier Environmental, Safety & Health association serving the high technology and associated industries. They provide value to SESHA members through education and professional development. Anyone who is involved in high-tech manufacturing safety should join the SESHA, and see the great level of professional support and networking that comes from participation. SESHA regions and chapters have been formed to better serve localized groups of EHS professionals. Find the nearest chapter to you, and join today!

SESHA Regions and Chapters

About the SESHA

  • Formed in 1978 as SSA – Semiconductor Safety Association
  • Dedicated to communication and education on EH&S issues in high technology industries
  • Approximately 350 members 
  • Membership is from both the US and international locations
  • Name change to SESHA to better represent all aspects of the profession

History of SESHA

SESHA was formed in 1978. An informal meeting of nine safety and health professionals desiring to exchange safety information has grown into an annual international conference attended by over 250 professionals representing virtually all high technology disciplines. SESHA membership has grown to approximately 350 members including several countries around the world. As our horizons have broadened, we continue to focus our efforts toward an established line of environmental, health and safety communications.

SESHA is truly a unique organization dedicated to the prevention of workplace injuries and accidents through the sharing of safety and health information and the promotion of technological advances in high technology, safety and health. Since its founding, SESHA has established itself as the premier international organization promoting the effective communication of safety, health and environmental information to the electronics and related high technology industries

SESHA Chapters

(As of December 2019)

SESHA North America

SESHA members participate in a wide range of activities accross the U.S. where local chapters have been established. Local activities include:

  • Monthly to quarterly small group meetings;
  • Seminars on specific ESH topics;
  • One to three day conferences;
  • Support of SESHA academic programs; and
  • Informal employment networking.

Participation in SESHA region and chapter activities can assist you in staying up-to-date on new regulatory compliance issues, important accident/incident information, and can provide insight into possible solutions to many of the environmental, health and safety challenges present in the high technology industries. 
For more information on SESHA’s region/chapter program go to the SESHA Region/Chapter Toolbox. For more information on how you can get involved, please email the SESHA Headquarters.

SESHA Region / Chapter LeadBOD Rep Hilary Matthews, hilary.matthews@axcelis.com
Membership Director for SESHAHeide Rohland, 703-790-1745, hrohland@burkinc.com
New England ChapterPresident: Emily Kenney, NewEngland@seshaonline.org

Co-Organizer: Dan Forsythe, NewEngland@seshaonline.org

Co-Organizer: Hilary Matthews, NewEngland@seshaonline.org

New York Capital Region ChapterCo-Organizer: Carol Markley, NYCapital@seshaonline.org

Co-Organizer: Kassey Rydberg, KRydberg@sunypoly.edu

Twin Cities ChapterPresident: Laurie Francis, Phone: 952-402-8178, TwinCities@seshaonline.org

Texas Hill Country ChapterPresident: Steve Trammell, Phone: 512-538-5160, steve.trammell@bsigroup.com

Vice President: Bryan Benaway, Phone: 512-934-1752, bbenaway@spectrumenvsoln.com

Activities/Historian: Brett Davis, Phone: 512-634-0742, bdav@cypress.com

Treasurer: Mark Rankin, Phone: 512-933-6570, Mark.Rankin@freescale.com

Membership/Communications: Lauren Monnat, Lauren.Monnat@bsigroup.com

North Texas ChapterPresident: Russell Hill, NorthTX@SESHAonline.org

Vice President: Matt Jones, NorthTX@SESHAonline.org

Treasurer: Tami Sheddan, NorthTX@SESHAonline.org

Activities: Kyle Gilbert, NorthTX@SESHAonline.org

Activities: Tara Dooley, NorthTX@SESHAonline.org

Murray State University ChapterStudent Chapter Advisor: David Kraemer, Phone: 270-809-6654, david.kraemer@murraystate.edu

Arizona ChapterPresident: Jesse Gonzalez, Phone: (602) 274-2900, Arizona@seshaonline.org

Rocky Mountain ChapterPresident: Deborah Crider, Phone: 303-815-0778, RMC@SESHAonline.org

Past-President: Troy McCuskey , Phone: 720-284-8089, RMC@SESHAonline.org

Northern California ChapterCo-Organizer: Karen Bouvier, NorCal@SESHAOnline.org

Co-Organizer: Kristen Smith, NorCal@SESHAOnline.org

Pacific Northwest ChapterPresident: Kristina LeVelle, Kristina.levelle@bsigroup.com

Vice President: Kiley Ross, Kiley.ross@qorvo.com

Treasurer (Sponsorship + Listserv): Rachael Cavanagh, rachael.j.cavanagh@intel.com

Communications Director (Newsletter): Vanessa Lanas Medina, vanessa.a.lanas.medina@intel.com

Communications Co-Director: Jennifer Politsch, jennifer.politsch@intel.com

KFPI Fire Safety

About KFPI

KFPI (Koetter Fire Protection International) is a semiconductor fire safety company, 100% dedicated to semiconductor and related high-tech manufacturing process fire safety. Our global team is comprised of semiconductor experts who bring a diverse range of semiconductor technical expertise and a valuable depth of semiconductor process experience. We focus on the small but critical industry niche of fire safety for process tools. KFPI is a proud member and supporter of SESHA.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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