KFPI Provides GLOBAL Semiconductor Fire Safety Leadership

Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) is a full-service, fire protection company providing specialized fire safety solutions for the global semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) industries. Since 1961, KFPI’s risk management consulting experience has provided leading expertise in evaluating and performing semiconductor fire risk analysis.

KFPI - Fire Detection Services

Fire Detection Systems

KFPI provides project-specific fire risk assessment, value engineering design, and specification services for any size project. Our team includes degreed fire protection engineers and consultants, FM and SEMI S2 experts, and NICET certified designers with the experience to ensure that proposals and projects are well designed and qualified.

KFPI - Global Provider of Specialized Fire Prevention Systems

Proven Leader in Specialized Fire Prevention Services to the Global Semiconductor Industry

Koetter Fire Protection International understands the unique requirements of the cleanroom environment and the role it plays in the success of any semiconductor manufacturing operation. KFPI is dedicated to solutions for clean room manufacturing including semiconductor, LCD-TFT, FPD, photovoltaic, and more.

KFPI - Global Specialized Fire Prevention Services

Fire Safety Systems & Products for the Semiconductor Industry

KFPI is an authorized distributor and integrator of semiconductor fire detection and suppression systems from the best brand names in the industry. Our people are factory-trained in design, installation & service of these systems. KFPI is a semiconductor company, recognized globally as an expert in addressing the fire safety needs of the semiconductor industry.

Why choose KFPI?

You cannot provide a solution if you don’t know what the problem is. KFPI’s 40 years of combined risk management consulting experience provides leading expertise in evaluating and performing semiconductor fire risk analysis for the global semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) industries.

REMEMBER: Management of fire risks means lower insurance premiums.

If there is an unacceptable fire risk, KFPI also provides the most advanced and specialized fire protection system solutions, which include design, engineering, installation, testing, and certification.
All of our services are designed with the customer in mind. KFPI’s proven reliability and excellence for over 40 years of fire protection services to clients across a spectrum of industries, combined with an expertise in Semiconductor and FPD Manufacturing, and field engineers with clean room experience, make us ideally suited to work with your company.
Every operation combines different elements that call for solutions tailored to each customers situation, location, legacy equipment, levels of training, country requirements, etc. KFPI takes advantage of its decades-long global experience, combined with technical staff who keep up with the latest in fire protection products and technology.
Providing fire detection, suppression and protection solutions to your manufacturing process requires training your personnel to properly operate and monitor them in compliance with local requirements. We develop your implementation plan, and the plan to manage it.
This ensures the highest degree of quality and efficiency in design and completion of your project. KFPI’s specialized leadership and innovation in the semiconductor industry provides complete fire safety solutions.
KFPI understands International Codes & Compliance Requirements and provides global consistency for Worldwide Locations. If you are a multi-country operation, we can provide continuity to your fire protection needs and your operating safety standards. KFPI staff will coordinate their efforts to provide streamlined solutions throughout your company.

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