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In This Season of Thankful Giving…

We find ourselves full of gratitude for all that we have. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and all those who bless your life with bounty. We are most fortunate to live in this age of technological marvels, to have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, to see upon the horizon wondrous days ahead of us. We are blessed to have true friends and family about us, to share life’s burdens and bliss with us.

It is our sincere wish during this season of Thanksgiving, that your homes will be filled with happiness and laughter, that health and prosperity shall abound. May your cornucopia overflow with an opulence of joy! May your gratitude be an abundance bestowed upon all who are dear to you. On behalf of KFPI, I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving season!

Happy Thanksgiving from KFPI!

Late Harvest

Upon the frosted sward, I see
The closing tenant of fall’s yard –
A sparrow-laden plum tree
Blustered by twittering
Fruit, last flowers,
On silver-embellished towers,
Low sunlight glittering.
Through summer’s fallen estate,
As instrument of landlord winter, I,
A northerly wind instigate
With my passing,
My effect surpassing
All threats of snow,
Like tempest gales blow,
Pluck the final harvest bare,
Scatter blossoms to the air,
Into an apparition of November sky.

~ Daniel F Mitchell – VP of Global Sales – KFPI

Late Harvest

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